Mazouka Method:

Empathic Dance Training

What is "empathic dance training"?

The idea of empathic dance training is to train in a way that one can experience, for a moment in time,  the way another person moves.

The process is simple:

Step 1: Choose the move

Step 2: Learn it fast

Step 3: SELF-Analysis

Step 4: Iterations

Step 5: Note taking

(Optional) Requests

How is this different than regular training?

What is the result?

So far, we've found that even with small time investment (1.5 hrs of training once a week) people can learn to move in new ways. With double or triple that time, the ability to completely transform one's dancing is evident. However, this method's intensity might not resonate with everyone, especially those more socially inclined during training sessions 😜.