Training Team

The Mazouka Training Team is the keystone of our zouk offerings. This groundbreaking program is designed to develop zouk dancers over the long term: its aim is to cultivate a deep understanding of zouk as a dance form, as well as the tools to be creative, adaptable dancers -- tools that will extend to any of your dance styles.

This is for those who are passionate about their dance and their community, and who want to make a commitment to developing both. We are all about growing as dancers and as people, pushing beyond our comfort zones to make incredible things happen.

- 2+ hours of intensive zouk training per week
- 1 hour of conditioning per week
- 1 private lesson per month
- Free access to all group classes and Mazouka workshops
- Free entry to all Mazouka socials
- Free practice time in our studio (schedule regular practice times with your teammates!)
- Report cards to track your strengths, areas for improvement and overall progress, and to lay out your best path for growth

You'll be representing Mazouka and our values through a commitment to personal growth and community, helping to foster the love of zouk by inspiring others and supporting their development as fellow zouk students.
You'll need an open mind, and a beginner's mindset for learning!

You will work hard with and get to know an incredible group of people who share the same passion.