Zouk Instructors

Junyan Boon

Soon after moving from the beautiful city of Montreal in 2010, Junyan began teaching, dancing and choreographing in Toronto. Within a year, he founded Toronto’s first Zouk school, choreographed numerous routines presented locally and abroad, and made major contributions to the Toronto dance community. 

Having taught dance since 19 years of age, his passion for dance and his understanding of social dancing is broad as well as his knowledge of Latin music and history. Junyan tirelessly advocates a focus on partner connection and how music and dance interrelate. He has been a guest judge for various competitions around the world.

A truly diverse dancer, Junyan's current love is Brazilian Zouk, and he is boldly trailblazing the Zouk scene in Toronto. He also performs & teaches salsa (on1, on2, NY-style, casino rueda) and tango (salon, milonguero, and nuevo).

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Danielle Nash

Danielle's dance journey took her through the ballroom and salsa worlds before she fell in love with the musicality and partner connection of blues dancing, and began traveling around Canada and the United States to train in blues. 

For her, dancing is at its best when two people deeply connect through a shared expression of the music. In Zouk she found these same things that she loved about blues dance, layered with the smooth, flowing motions that Zouk rhythms inspire.

As an instructor, Danielle emphasizes the importance of truly listening to your partner's movement -- both as a follow and as a lead -- and of letting the music shape your own movement. An academic by nature, Danielle's analytical teaching style breaks down even subtle movements and concepts in ways that are easy to understand and put into practice.

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