Zouk Crash Course

Next Crash Course: TBD
In the meantime, try our Intro to Zouk course, or drop by our weekly social to dive right in!

Learn the basics of zouk in our intensive introductory workshop. Our mission is to have you dancing the basic movements and figures of zouk in 2 hours flat!

If you already have dance experience in another style, this crash course is meant for you! We cover our 4-week Intro to Zouk course (and more) all in one shot, with an emphasis on how to move and feel like zouk. It is fast-paced and more technically in-depth than the regular introductory course.

What You'll Learn
- Basic zouk rhythm and musical phrasing
- Zouk basic steps
- Zouk basic turn
- Basic zouk body movement

After completing the Crash Course, you'll be eligible to enroll in the Zouk Foundations Program.