Zouk III

Learn how to make zouk feel great by lead and following with finesse, transitioning smoothly between movements and creating varied combinations with ease. Learn what makes some transitions smooth while others feel awkward. Discover how to do more with what you already know by learning to play with the music in creative ways.

- Zouk II (all parts)
- Social dance frequently

September Classes
 Schedule TBD Zouk IIIA Everyone welcome! $60+HST per student

What you'll learn:
- Zouk IIIA: Helicopter (4 weeks)
- Zouk IIIB: Airplane (4 weeks)
- Zouk IIIC: Raúl (4 weeks) 
- Zouk IIID: Cambre (4 weeks) 

Zouk III is divided into four parts, Zouk IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, and IIID, which may be taken in any order. The courses at this level are quite challenging! The structure of each "part" is the same but you will learn various ways of executing the new movements. We will also incorporate variations of movements from Zouk II (both A & B), so please make sure you have mastered the material of these courses before moving on to Zouk III.

** The best way to know if you have mastered an idea is if you can do it comfortably with most partners at our Tuesday social **