Zouk Classes

We are proud to offer Canada's most comprehensive zouk program!

Zouk I - Intro to Zouk
 Saturdays 4-5PM
1 session of 4 weeks
(4 weeks total)
Zouk II - Linear Patterns:
Thread, Boomerang, Frisbee, Yo-Yo and variations
Tuesdays 7-8PM

Saturdays 5-6PM
4 sessions of 4 weeks
(16 weeks total)
Zouk III - Circular Movement:
Helicopter, Airplane, Raúl, Chicote, Cambre
Saturdays 6-7PM
4 sessions of 4 weeks
(16 weeks total)
Body & Head Movement
Topic changes each month
Tuesdays 8-9PM Ongoing sessions of  4 weeks
Workshops   Varies Varies  Varies
Private Classes By Appointment By Appointment See Rates
Mazouka Training Team Mondays 9-11PM 5 months+
(by invitation/audition only)

Our progressive zouk program is designed to provide a fun and social learning environment while developing the skills you'll need to enjoy dancing this smooth, sensual dance with confidence and finesse.Classes are divided into three levels, starting with the fundamentals in our 100% beginner-friendly Zouk I course, and building up to more complex movements in Zouk II and III.

We run new 4-week sessions every month, meaning no long-term commitment is required
: try it out for a month, and if you enjoy the classes, continue right on to the next level.

Zouk I - Intro to Zouk (4 weeks)
Learn the fundamentals of zouk. You'll learn the basics of everything: basic rhythm and phrasing of zouk, the zouk basic step, basic turns - all while having a fun time with new people and our awesome instructors!

Zouk II - Linear Patterns (16 weeks total)
Learn new Zouk moves to add to your repertoire in our curiously fun level II classes. Once you've got the basics down we begin exploring interesting ways of navigating the dance floor with your partner. Each course will explore a specific family of movement, its variations and techniques.
** Zouk II is divided into four parts, Zouk IIA through Zouk IID, which may be taken in any order. **

- Zouk IIA: Thread (4 weeks)
- Zouk IIB: Boomerang (4 weeks)
- Zouk IIC: Frisbee (4 weeks)
- Zouk IID: Yo-Yo (4 weeks)

Learn how to make zouk feel great, while adding a new dimension to your movement. Learn how to lead and follow with finesse, transitioning smoothly between movements and creating varied combinations with ease. Learn what makes some transitions smooth while others feel awkward. Discover how to do more with what you already know by learning to play with the music in creative ways.
** Zouk III is divided into four parts, Zouk IIIA to Zouk IIID, which may be taken in any order. **

- Zouk IIIA: Helicopter (4 weeks)
- Zouk IIIB: Airplane (4 weeks)
- Zouk IIIC: Raúl (4 weeks) 
- Zouk IIID: Cambre (4 weeks)