Vacation Mode

Always take time to put attention on things that make life wonderful.                         Photo by Iliana

I’m going on vacation / need to take a break!
If you are looking to take a break from the program please fill out the form below. We will pause your membership. We have options to also help you keep up your zouk so you are prepared when you rejoin classes again.

I'd like to return to zouk from my break! How do I go about doing that?
If you choose to take a break for 2 months or longer, you will require a re-orientation to rejoin classes. Welcome back!

I’d like to take a break… indefinitely. How do I go about doing that?
If you’d like to end early, we understand that sometimes our encounters in life are short and sweet. We hope that your learning experience with us was transformative- our doors are always open to you. Mazouka is more than just a dance school so even though you are no longer in our classes you are still a part of our community, please feel free to attend our free practices, Tuesday social and community events!

Please fill out this form!