What the MAZOUKA is going on?  Well, we'll tell you..

Upcoming Events

Tuesday Mazouka Social
    Date: May 10 (Tuesday)

    Date: May 15 (Sunday)

May ZOUK Workshop @ TSP
    Date: May 21 (Saturday)

June Classes begin!
    Date: Jun 4 (Saturday)

Past Events

    Date: April 16 (Saturday)

ZOUK Party @ Bunda Lounge
    Date: Apr 2 (Saturday)

April Classes begin!

    Date: Apr 1 (Friday)

March ZOUK Workshop @ TSP
    Date: Mar 19 (Saturday)

ZOUK Party @ Bunda Lounge
    Date: Mar 5 (Saturday)

March Classes begin!
    Date: Mar 1 (Tuesday)

Workshop with K-Yo @ Bachatafest
    Date: Feb 20 (Sunday)

February MAZOUKA Party @ Bunda Lounge
    Date: Feb 5 (Saturday)
    Cover: Free Ladies before 11:30, $10 for Guys

February Classes begin!
    Date: Feb 1 (Tuesday)

Bailinhos @ BrazilDanceWorld
    Date: Jan 22 (Saturday)
    Cover: $6 includes snacks and lesson

DJ Halan @ Bunda Lounge
    Date: Jan 15 (Saturday)
    Cover: $15