Mazouka Practice Group

"Practice makes progress!"                                                                                          NEXT STEP: "Zouk Me" Tuesdays

Every Wednesday from 9-10PM will be dedicated to
training with Junyan (and possibly other teachers). To be a part of the group you have to register with a partner and be a part of the classes (so you can work on the material from class).

This practice group is an amazing supplement to the group classes and we recommend over taking extra group classes if you are looking to improve quickly and enjoyably.

You will need to register online for the FULL Membership. We can do that while you are at the studio.

It will be similar to the class format (i.e. please arrive at 9pm sharp and will run until 10PM, you can stay later too) you will be working on your own routines and Junyan (and possibly Rose, Donny and Anna) will be around to help you out! After 10PM we will open up the space for anyone to come and practice.


How do I get a partner?
Ask someone in class or ask Junyan and he will try to find you one. Lots of people are looking for partners! Please choose a partner who is your level. Here is the partner sign-up sheet:

What will I practice?
Come with the routines you've learned in class. We will provide one-on-one instruction to help you master them.

I have prepaid for the whole program. How should I pay for the sessions?
Please use the form below.


- Film everything - the trick is to focus on the positive things about your dancing then you will begin improving rapidly (fall in love with the way you dance!)

- Always practice the techniques and concepts we teach - develop your understanding of them further as each idea presented is broad and deep in it's application

- When learning new movements try to apply concepts and techniques from class (because they almost always do!) - if you cannot find how they can apply ask Junyan or Danielle, sometimes the movement is too complicated and an easier alternative is available (easier movements are usually more enjoyable on the dance floor, save the fancier moves for competitions and performances).

**Focusing on learning new moves is okay as long as you always consider how the techniques and concepts that YOU already know apply**

- If something feels strange try to break it down and figure out why - if you're having trouble, ask Danielle or Junyan! No movement generally feels difficult or tedious. Look to make your movements feel amazing and powerful.

- Practice with a consistent partner - find someone you can rely on and that you enjoy working with. Don't worry if they are not on the same level as you as if they are better they will help you get better and if they are worse than you you can learn a lot helping them to improve.

- Help each other! Constructive criticism and support for one another will help everyone become excellent dancers.