Mazouka Student Resources

Resources for our lovely students!                                                                

We want to help make the road to becoming a great dancer easy. 


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Private Classes

   *for when you miss a class or if you want to get serious with your zouk

Vacation Mode

   *if you need to take a break from classes but would like to return

Foundations Student Video Resources

   *summary videos from classes

Body Conditioning

   *calisthenics to get stronger and prevent injury

Zouk Music     

   *class music, music to dance and/or listen to!


Mazouka Student Practices

   *practices on Saturdays

"Zouk Me" Tuesdays

   *every Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00PM - add yourself to the group and get the invites!

Places to Dance Zouk

   *check out a list of places to dance zouk in Toronto

Community Videos

   *there are lots of great videos posted online

Monthly Newsletter

   *add yourself to the newsletter to get information on events!

Zouk Merchandise

   *for zouk t-shirts!