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Mazouka Teaching and Performing at Festival Kompa-Zouk Toronto

posted 30 Jul 2011, 20:38 by Mazouka Dance
Mazouka Dance @ BrazilFest 2011
Come to Metro Hall Square *tomorrow*, July 31st for a celebration of zouk music and dance at the Festival Kompa-Zouk Toronto! Mazouka will be there all day, showcasing how zouk music from the French Caribbean has given rise to the beautiful Brazilian dance we see today.

We'll be starting things off with a beginner lesson, giving everyone a taste of what Brazilian Zouk dancing looks and feels like. We're giving two different zouk performances over the course of the day, and in between we'll be offering some incredible deals on our beginner progressive zouk classes at our booth! Come by and say hello, and bring your friends!

1:00 PM FREE Beginner Zouk Workshop

3:30 PM Mazouka Performance #1

7:00 PM Mazouka Performance #2

Location: Metro Hall Square,
55 John Street (facing King Street)