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End-of-Year Workshop December 18, 2010

posted 4 Dec 2010, 23:28 by Mazouka Dance   [ updated 10 Dec 2010, 02:35 ]
December Zouk Workshop with Junyan!!

We've decided to change things up and instead do some beginner friendly workshops. Come learn Zouk-lambada on Saturday, December 18th @ Trinity St Paul's Church!

This workshop is 100% beginner friendly and no experience or partner is required. We are excited-- guaranteed an awesome time!

1:00    Zouk-Lambada
2:00    Smooth Moves

Brazilian Zouk (also known as Zouk-Lambada) is a dance that's beautiful to watch and amazing to dance. During this workshop we teach you how to dance with a great partner connection -- which characterizes the dance. We will go over the basic Lambada-style steps and even if you've danced Zouk before, this workshop will open your eyes!

Smooth Moves
We will take it up a notch in this workshop and teach some moves with a more contemporary feel. If you know other dances (salsa, tango, etc.) this workshop will introduce a smoother, more connected style to your dance. Come out to get into the groove.

Check out the Workshop page for details.