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Amer and Lavinia win zouk competition at Brazilian Beat Congress

posted 30 Apr 2012, 19:09 by Mazouka Dance
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sed to know a teacher that would always tell his students "there is no such thing as a good teacher, only a good student." This always resonated with me. I know that as a teacher, I can only offer my knowledge and ideas. Students have a lot of options: they can find the teachers that can help them to learn what they need, use YouTube to learn new movements, record themselves to document their progress, and perform or compete to give themselves an tangible goal to strive for. 

This weekend, Danielle and I witnessed Amer and Lavinia take the title at the Brazilian Beat Congress Zouk Competition. They constructed their choreography using movements they found on YouTube (including lifts!) and a tiny bit of help from us to figure stuff out and polish things up. They practiced really hard, upwards of 3 times a week and endured a few injuries along the way. It paid off in the end as they put on a gorgeous choreography, impressing the international superstar judges, Renata Peçanha and Jorge Peres, and leaving their instructors beaming with pride. 

- Junyan

Watch their winning routine here:

Brazilian Beat Zouk Competition Winners: Amer & Lavinia