How to Learn to Zouk Efficiently

"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget" -Alfred Mercier

The two questions we often hear are:
  1. "I love zouk and I want to take my learning seriously. How can I be more effective in my learning?"
  2. "How can I learn to dance zouk as quickly as possible?"
We have had thousands of students pass through our doors and we have found that the ones that learn quickest are the ones that do it in a way that is the most fun and enjoyable. Below are some ways that make learning easy and enjoyable.

Join the community! (i.e. Socials and Practices) Ways that people have made the learning process fun is by joining the community. Mazouka's community is full of people who take care of one another. It's easy to meet folks who would be glad to get to know you and there are many many social events that happen every month. Even if you are shy and introverted, social dancing is perfect as you can feel free to dance when you'd like, socialize when you'd like, or just relax on your own.

Private Classes. You will learn at a steady clip and reach the goals that you want quickly. Sometimes people feel that they need to be a good dancer first before taking private classes, however private classes really alleviate the frustration of not getting movements and help people move quickly past the uncomfortable stages of learning. Our students that take privates that supplement the group classes are usually much happier with their progress! **note: even if you feel you can't afford private classes, please still approach us and let us know you would be interested. We do offer scholarship options!

Find a partner. Practicing with someone (assuming that you are relatively skilled at compassionate communication) is so much more enjoyable that practicing alone. Ask someone in your class to practice with! We can also open up the studio for people to practice on the weekend if you ask.

Helping out in class. Sharing our knowledge with others is what we get off on. You can get on the bandwagon by becoming a class assistant.

Traveling to other cities to dance zouk! We travel occasionally to dance in other cities. It's a lot of fun meeting new dancers and to challenge ourselves in new places.

Different paces for different people with different goals:

  • Are looking to take have fun taking the classes and are not worried too much about how quickly you are learning zouk? If so, we suggest Dabbling! Weekly classes as your main course and some social dancing on the side.
  • Are looking to learn to dance zouk comfortably and safely at a fast, fun, satisfying pace? If so, we suggest the Sweet Spot. Weekly group classes and private classes as your bread and butter! Social dancing as your dessert.
  • Are you looking to make zouk a central part of your life, perhaps one day even teach? If so, we suggest the Hardcore track. By the time you are a serious dancer, private classes with a coach are the basis of your learning and weekly training with a partner. Occasional group classes are great for new ideas.
Example Schedules:

- you want dance to be a part of your life
Wednesday: Group Class
Tuesday: Social and/or Wednesday: Practice

Sweet Spot - to improve at a fun and satisfying pace
Tuesday: Social and/or Wednesday: Practice
Wednesday: Group Class
Friday: Private Class

Hardcore Track - you want zouk to be a central part of your life (perhaps become a teacher)!
Monday: Private Class
Tuesday: Group Class + Social
Wednesday: Guided Practice with a partner
Friday: Private Class
+Traveling with us to Congresses

  • Is it more effective to take more group classes or to take private classes? We would recommend supplementing your group classes with private classes rather than taking more group classes. The explanation requires an article in and of itself :)
  • How do I find a partner? Contact us and we will put you on the list of people looking for partners.
  • I find myself regressing, what do I do? Private classes! An outside eye is irreplaceable.
  • I find it hard to be consistent with my classes what do I do? Being consistent is important to the learning process. It is true that students who are on and off generally have a really frustrating learning experience. What we suggest is to commit in month-long bursts. Focus on learning zouk this month, but know that next month you will take a break. When you take a break commit to returning back to learning again one or two months later. This variation usually helps people to stay on track and not feel guilty when they miss classes.
  • Is it a good idea to take classes from different schools to learn faster? Taking multiple programs from various dance schools is like learning multiple dialects of a language concurrently. Or taking two university programs concurrently. We highly recommend that you stick to one program at a time. If you would like to learn more quickly, we recommend adding private classes. You will be blown away by how fast you will progress!
  • Is there any conditioning that you recommend to improve my flexibility and strength? Calisthenics are great (especially squats)! Yoga, pilates, ballet are all wonderful additions to learning zouk. We will post an article in time to discuss body conditioning.
We hope this article helped to illuminate your way to success in your dance. Feel free to send us your thoughts!