Taking Up The 1-Year Challenge

"Focused learning, is the most fun type of learning. Why? Because you get extraordinary results."

We believe that the program can be finished in a year. We have witnessed that people who have pushed to finish it in a year go on to inspire others in Toronto and abroad. This is what has inspired the 1-Year Challenge

How to do it:
  1. Fill out the form below to enter yourself into The Challenge.
  2. You'll receive a Challenge Checklist of the movements to track your progress
  3. Please send us a photo to put on our Challenge Wall
  4. Go forth and complete the challenge! 
How it works:
  • You have one-year from the time your "start date" to complete the challenge.
  • If you are in Foundations Level 2 or 3 you will have 6-months to complete the challenge.
  • Each week you can take Assessments to complete your Challenge Checklist (please schedule it in advance). Assessment times are (Tuesday 6:30-7:30PM, Wednesday 10-11PM, Thursday 10-11pm).
  • You can arrange practices with fellow classmates and challengers during the week to work on the material
  • You can also Request A Mentor to help you work through the assessments
  • When you have completed The Challenge we will have a community party to celebrate! You will receive a beautiful t-shirt indicating that you did it!!
  • You will also be featured on our "Wall of Finishers".
  • If you would like to drop out of The Challenge please go to Dropping the Challenge.