Mazouka Certification Program
(Formerly "Zouk Foundations: Hardcore Track")

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You've completed the Foundations Choreography Course and can handle the dance floor with ease. Now it's time to take it to the next level. 

The Mazouka Certification Program is a groundbreaking, exam-based program designed to transform comfortable, proficient zouk dancers into highly skilled and versatile social dancers with a broad repertoire of movements. We build upon the solid base established in the Foundations Program to introduce more advanced movements and techniques spanning both the Traditional (Rio-style) Brazilian Zouk and Modern Zouk domains. This 12-month, modular program is divided into 3 levels -- White, Blue, and Violet -- each consisting of 4 different topic-based modules and culminating in a level certification exam.

What will I get out of this program?
Over the course of the program you will gain a broad repertoire of movements in both the Traditional Brazilian Zouk and Modern Zouk realms, allowing you to express yourself in music spanning kizomba, traditional zouk, pop, RnB, electronica, and other genres. Along the way, you will also develop a high level of proficiency in both your own movement technique and your ability to connect with your partner seamlessly and effortlessly. Our aim is for all graduates of the program to feel completely at home with a wide range of music and dance partners, and to feel fantastic to dance with!

So what’s this about exams?

This program is meant for students who want to challenge themselves to become stronger dancers. In each level you will learn a new set of movements and techniques that builds upon the previous level. To ensure that all students are well prepared before moving on to more difficult material, you will be required to pass a group examination, where you and your peers will be assessed for your mastery of the vocabulary and concepts from the previous level.

Are there any pre-requisites?
You'll need to have the Foundations Choreography Course already under your belt and also receive consent from the instructors. If you're not sure where you're at, you can take an assessment. If you'd like to prepare yourself for the program, you can take some private classes with us to catch up.

What's included and what does it cost?

We have three membership options:

BASIC Membership only $60+tax/mo
FULL Membership only $99+tax/mo
PREMIUM Membership only 149+tax/mo

If you haven't already completed the Zouk Foundations Program + Choreo Course or received instructor consent, please contact us before registering: message Mazouka Dance on Facebook, email us at, or best of all: talk to us at the Tuesday social! 

What's my next step after I'm finished the Certification Program?
Once you've graduated the final level, you'll join the ranks of our candidate examiners for future generations of Certification Program students! We also offer Teacher Training for those wanting to help the next generation of zouk students to grow. To keep advancing your own development as a zouk dancer, the journey continues with the Mazouka Graduate Program!