Zouk Foundations Program - Card Details

Track your progress toward program completion using this card:
  • Please fill in your name and the date you began the program.
  • Self-Assessment: After you finish each module, please colour in the stars depending on how you felt you did in the module. 1 star (✭) if you felt you need to review things again, 2 stars (✭✭) if you felt comfortable the material, 3 stars (✭✭✭) if you are confident you have it under your belt. If you feel you need to recap material, please either repeat the module or take a private class. Once you have filled in three stars on all four modules, you can move on to the next level!
  • Instructor-Assessment: If you would like an instructor's opinion, we will give you a quick assessment of whether you have an understanding of the movement to our satisfaction (i.e. the skill has become second nature), then we will hole-punch the circle beside the stars. This is necessary if you plan on graduating from the program but not for moving onto the next level.
  • Lost your card? You can get a replacement for $5 (the money goes to funding the sexiest cards in the world aka suede cards).